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The potential of generative AI was first experienced via DALL-E, a text-to-image platform by OpenAI. While OpenAI subsequently focused on advancing ChatGPT and developing GPT-4, Midjourney established its dominance in the realm of text-to-image generation. Later, Midjourney played a crucial role in increasing the popularity of the text-to-image tool. 
Lately, several free alternatives to Midjourney have emerged, providing users with impressive outcomes. Here is a comprehensive list of such alternatives: 
Microsoft offers the Bing Image Creator, a tool that allows users to generate text based on a prompt completely free of charge. This solution, similar to Bing Chat, is freely available and has a daily limit of 90 image creations, which is more than sufficient for most users.
The Bing Image Creator is powered by an enhanced version of DALL-E, providing fast and high-quality results. Just like DALL-E, it can be used for free. To access the image generator, users can visit the website and sign in with their Microsoft account.
While there is a dedicated website for the Image Generator, those who have access to Bing Chat can simply request an image creation directly within the chat interface. Users can ask Bing Chat to draw any prompt they desire and receive the generated image. This integrated feature makes it convenient for users to access both image generation and AI chatting at one place.
The ability to fulfil image generation and AI chatbot needs within the same platform offers great convenience. For instance, users can do market research and set up a print-on demand business using these free services.
Craiyon is an open-source AI art generator that provides free and unlimited access to its services. Powered by an AI designed by developer Boris Dayma, Craiyon can be accessed through its dedicated website. It produces six images per prompt and does not charge any fees.
Although Craiyon was previously known as DALL-E Mini, it is not affiliated with OpenAI or DALL-E 2. However, it serves as an alternative to these platforms. While it may not offer the same level of precision as DALL-E 2, Craiyon compensates for this with its unlimited prompt usage. Users can continuously modify their prompts until they achieve their desired image. The website itself is user-friendly, and considering the cost associated with DALL-E 2, Craiyon emerges as a strong competitor.
For those who prefer not to sign up, Craiyon offers an open-source alternative that is available for public use. The team behind Craiyon was involved in the DALL-E Mini project.
Craiyon’s AI model learns from image captions found on the internet and applies them to the text prompts provided by users.
InstantArt is a platform that hosts over 25 text-to-image models, allowing users to instantly create AI-generated images. It offers various powerful AI models, including Stable Diffusion, Midjourney V4, Anything V3, Wifu, SynthWavePunk, and IconsMI, among others.
Unlike other platforms, InstantArt does not automatically select a model for users; instead, users have the freedom to choose the model themselves. This makes it an excellent choice for exploring different text-to-image models and comparing Midjourney with other similar products. Additionally, users have the option to select the image dimension, with a maximum size of 768 x 512.
In conclusion, InstantArt stands out as a favourable platform, particularly because it offers the use of Midjourney V4 for free. However, it is worth noting that the platform may encounter occasional errors. Overall, InstantArt is easy to use and accessible through web browsers. Users interested in trying it out can visit the InstantArt website for a free experience.
Pixray is a free text-to-art generator that can be accessed through a web browser, computer, or API. It provides a straightforward interface for users, but also offers customisation options through different AI engines and extensive documentation for advanced users.
The default interface allows users to input their prompt and select from various AI render engines, such as Pixel for pixel art, VQGAN for GAN images (which can be trippy or realistic), and Clipdraw and Line_sketch for stroke-based images resembling drawings.
Pixray’s documentation provides in-depth information on how users can customise AI settings in multiple ways. This includes adding artists or styles, defining quality, iterations, scale, and exploring different options in the drawer, display, filter, video, and image settings. Although it may require some reading, coding skills are not necessary to make these adjustments.
Users can enter their sentence prompt, specify negative words they want to avoid in the image, and click “Draw” to generate the artwork. It may take some time, but Pixray will provide nine different images based on the input. Users can save any or all of these images to their hard drive.
It stands out as a simple text-to-image AI generator that allows unlimited free attempts.
Blue Willow is an alternative to Midjourney that has gained popularity with over 300 million users on its Discord server. It operates on user donations and offers completely free usage. By joining the Blue Willow Discord server, users can input their prompts and generate images directly. Blue Willow could be used for a range of purposes, including creating logos, comic characters, digital artwork, landscapes, and graphic concepts.
While Blue Willow produces decent images, it falls short of Midjourney in terms of realistic scenes. However, when it comes to digital art and graphics, Blue Willow excels. One notable aspect of this tool is its ability to generate images within a minute, despite its large user base. Overall, Blue Willow proves to be a promising free alternative to Midjourney, making it worth a try.
Pros: Surprisingly adept at generating human faces, free to use with no limitations, and very fast.
Cons: Users need to join a Discord server to access the tool.
Blue Willow is available on web (Discord), Android, and iOS platforms. Interested users can explore Blue Willow for free by visiting the platform.
Playground AI is a noteworthy option for those seeking an AI image generator capable of creating various images based on descriptions. While Midjourney and Stable Diffusion excel in producing photo-like images, Playground AI focuses more on generating drawings with a remarkably high level of realism. Access to this platform is easily granted with a Google account.
A standout feature of Playground AI is its ability to work with images stored on users’ computers. Additionally, it provides the option to edit the images generated by the AI, making it a top alternative to Midjourney.
Picsart is a popular smartphone app known for its design and photo editing features. It also includes an AI image generator that can be accessed through a free account. Along with its AI capabilities, Picsart offers a wide range of tools that users can explore for various creative purposes.
DALL-E 2, developed by OpenAI, is a highly regarded AI image generator that offers impressive capabilities in creating realistic visuals in just a few minutes. OpenAI promotes DALL-E 2 as a versatile tool for various applications, including object creation, graphic generation, and innovative commercial strategies.
As a prominent competitor in the AI field, OpenAI has delivered an exceptional product with DALL-E 2, making it a compelling alternative to Midjourney in 2023.
The user-friendly interface of DALL-E 2 caters to both novice and professional artists, enabling them to produce exceptional AI-generated artwork. It has the ability to generate unique and realistic visuals based on written descriptions, blending concepts, qualities, and styles to create believable compositions. For example, it can generate an image of an astronaut riding a horse in a photorealistic style or an avocado-shaped armchair. Additionally, DALL-E 2 can modify existing photos by applying changes that align with specific text prompts, such as altering colours, styles, or adding new elements.
In September 2022, DALL-E 2 transitioned from a waiting list to a public platform. Users are initially provided with 50 free credits, which can be used to transform searches into fully generated artwork. Additionally, users receive 15 free credits each month. The website also offers the option to purchase additional credits for extended usage.
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