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Transform your sales approach: 5 ChatGPT prompts to try today
Everything is sales. Convincing customers to buy, team members to join, investors to invest and suppliers that you’ll make a great client: all involve selling. Master sales, and all sorts of doors open, for the entirety of your career. Otherwise, you’ll have to keep hiring people who have the skills you don’t. It’s not someone else’s job, it’s not a separate department, it underpins every part of your work.
Whether it’s a key part of your role, you don’t consider yourself a natural salesperson or the word itself makes you cringe, here’s how to use ChatGPT to make some small changes that could change your game without overhauling how you operate.
As soon as someone asks you what you do, you have entered a pitch. How you describe your role and your company will either spark intrigue or bore the other person. Don’t waste this chance. Craft a simple yet elegant pitch that explains your work in an impactful way. Give them the opportunity to ask more questions or identify themselves as a potential customer. Get ideas with this prompt for ChatGPT.
“When I pitch my product or service, I usually say [describe your current sales pitch]. However, I find that it doesn’t resonate well when [describe situations or types of customers where it falls short]. How can I refine my pitch for better impact? Give me the top 3 most powerful changes I could make.”
A bored customer doesn’t buy. They simply switch off, click away, and spend their attention somewhere else. Effortless sales come from memorable and relevant stories, and everyone has them. Use ChatGPT to find elements of your journey that can make awesome stories; ones that you’ll enjoy telling again and again.
“I’m bored with the usual sales scripts. How can I incorporate storytelling elements like plot twists, suspense, or even cliffhangers to make my sales pitches unforgettable? Elements of my journey and company that people seem to find interesting are [include them here].”
Turn up to sales calls prepared to the max. It’s the best way of maximizing your conversion rate and achieving more with the same resources. Even if you think you’re brilliant, even if you can make customers hang off your every word, learn more tricks to get that last percent. Explain your sales process to ChatGPT and get it to suggest Jedi mind tricks to disarm your prospects and compel them to work with you.
“I understand basic persuasion techniques, but I want to go deeper. My current sales process includes [describe elements of your sales operation.] What are some advanced psychological tactics, akin to ‘Jedi mind tricks,’ that I can use to subtly influence prospects during sales conversations? Give me the top 3 that will be the most powerful for my business and our sales process.”
There’s a reason why gamification is huge in tech. Gamifying a process makes it fun. Gamifying an app makes you want to use it more. Gamification creates habits, releases addiction hormones and keeps people progressing that little bit longer. How can you apply this concept to your sales strategy? By gamifying the sales process for your customer. For every business, there is a way. Get your tailored plan of action with this very prompt.
“I love the idea of making sales feel like a game for my prospects. My sales process includes [outline the steps of your sales process]. What are some inventive ways to gamify the sales process, making it not just profitable but also fun for everyone involved?”
In love and business, seduction is key. For some novel suggestions on things you could try, prompt ChatGPT with romance in mind. Landing pages, website copy and prospecting processes might be lacking that irresistibility factor. Channel love into your business with this prompt, and test the suggestions out to see how they fare.
“I’ve heard that romantic and sales relationships have similarities in the persuasion process. How can I apply principles from the art of seduction to make my sales techniques irresistibly captivating?”
If you improve at sales you can access better results with the same resources. Who doesn’t want that? Use ChatGPT to explain your business and your current sales flow and test the tactics on your next few prospects. For any that work, keep them going. Craft a perfect pitch, tell better stories, learn mind tricks, gamify the process and apply seduction tactics. You never know what might improve your conversion rate until you test it out.