Uber is working on its own AI chatbot, reveals CEO – ZDNet

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As generative AI continues to pick up momentum, more and more companies are finding ways to incorporate the technology within their own platforms to optimize their services — and to leverage that popularity for themselves. Now, Uber joins the crowd. 
Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi told Bloomberg this week that the company is working on its own AI chatbot, with no specific details disclosed. 
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“We’re working on it right now,” said Khosrowshahi in the interview. 
Uber isn’t new to the AI space, devoting an entire page on their website to Uber AI, delineating its multiple teams and projects relating to AI development.
In the Bloomberg interview, Khosrowshahi reiterated that idea, sharing how Uber has leveraged AI and machine learning within its technology for years, including the algorithms that make it possible to get matched with a ride. 
This news followed the release of Uber’s Q2 earnings report, which saw the ride-sharing company’s first-ever quarterly operating profit even as revenue fell short of expectations
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An AI chatbot could help Uber build on that profit momentum and improve user experience on the app. However, there is also a risk that Uber will implement AI to ride the bandwagon and bring no real value to users, as seen by Snapchat’s My AI.
The success of the implementation will depend on whether the chatbot can help users with an actual need and solve a problem they have on the app.