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Integrating generative AI into search presents a compelling value proposition.
If SEOs figure out how to adopt this technology effectively, it could revolutionize the industry and fundamentally change how people interact with search.
While there are still some concerns around the accuracy of AI-generated content, as well as omissions leading to some information being taken out of context, SEO expert Eric Enge explained that the technology is still a fantastic tool for creative inspiration and saving time.
Below is a summary how generative AI can be used to drive your technical SEO strategy, as presented by Enge at SMX Advanced.
One of the impressive aspects of ChatGPT is its proficiency in coding, according to Enge. He explained:
Enge shared an example of a scenario where he used generative AI to create Hreflang tags for different webpages:
Generative AI produces accurate results when used for translation purposes. Enge said:
Enge added that generative AI can also be used to help speed up the process of implementing .htaccess rules:
Enge recommended using generative AI to get creative inspiration for title tags – but stressed that SEOs should also take into account other factors before publishing anything:
When generative AI is used to create meta descriptions, additional prompts can fine-tune the result until you’re happy with it. Enge added:
Enge said generative AI is accurate when summarizing content as it carries out this task solely using content you have entered, leaving no room for confusion, date omissions or false information:
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Enge also shared examples of him using ChatGPT prompts to classify and cluster keywords into groups. He added:
Generative AI is also a useful tool for generating content ideas. You can ask ChatGPT to create a list of popular questions related to a topic to get a list of potential article ideas:
Below is the complete video of Enge’s SMX Advanced presentation.

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