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Bengaluru-based petcare startup, Wagr, has launched Toto, a 24-hour AI-powered chatbot in English and Hindi, to provide immediate assistance to pet parents in India. With the pet population in India increasing by 12% each year, there is a growing need for accessible pet healthcare services. Wagr’s Toto aims to bridge this gap by offering technology-driven support to pet owners.
According to a report in The Economic Times, India currently has 32 million pets, and the number continues to grow. This surge in pet ownership has created a demand for guidance and information on how to best care for furry companions. Wagr’s research revealed that pet parents in India perform approximately 5 crore pet-related searches on Google every month, indicating a need for accessible petcare resources.
To address this issue, Wagr’s AI chatbot, Toto, provides round-the-clock assistance. Powered by advanced algorithms, GPT-4, and machine learning, Toto utilizes pet details and health records to offer real-time, comprehensive support.
Founded in 2016 by Advaith Mohan and Siddharth Darbha, Wagr initially aimed to help pet parents access quality care, advice, and products for their pets. Their first product, a GPS and fitness tracker for pets, was inspired by Mohan’s personal experience of losing a dog that ran away. This prompted the development of a tracker for pet parents who share the same concern.
Toto goes beyond being just a chatbot for Wagr. It serves as a tool that provides personalized advice, connects pet parents with veterinary assistance, and offers access to pet supplies. This AI-powered chatbot has the potential to revolutionize the petcare sector and provide seamless support to pet owners across India.