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The comprehensive guide to ChatGPT Enterprise
Published: September 14, 2023
Rebekah Carter
ChatGPT Enterprise is finally here, promising companies a more secure and powerful way to leverage the world’s leading generative AI solution. Announced on the 28th of August 2023, this new business-focused version of the ChatGPT experience promises enterprise-grade security and privacy.
What’s more, OpenAI says the enterprise solution represents the “most powerful” version of ChatGPT so far, offering more features and functionality than ChatGPT Plus. The LLM innovators said they believe AI has the potential to support every part of our working lives.
This new enterprise model will hopefully make ChatGPT more accessible to businesses of all sizes. Here’s everything you need to know about the next-gen solution, and its features.
ChatGPT Enterprise is essentially an upgraded version of ChatGPT, designed specifically for business users. In the blog post OpenAI published announcing the new service, they explained they had seen “unprecedented” demand for ChatGPT in the business world.
More than 80% of Fortune 500 companies apparently use ChatGPT already, though many employers discourage using the consumer version of the app, according to a Reuters poll. The primary reason most companies didn’t want their teams using ChatGPT before was a lack of security.
OpenAI said they heard from business leaders that they wanted a simpler, safer way to deploy the generative AI app in their organization. That’s exactly what ChatGPT Enterprise aims to provide.
The enhanced tool has been in development for a little under a year, and OpenAI has built the technology with feedback and input from more than 20 companies. While the solution operates on GPT-4, the flagship OpenAI model, like ChatGPT Plus, it comes with some bonuses.
For instance, Enterprise customers will receive priority access to the GPT-4 LLM, resulting in a performance that’s twice as fast as usual. Plus, the Enterprise package will feature no usage caps, and offer an extended context window of around 32,000 tokens (or 25,000 words).
So, what makes ChatGPT Enterprise so much better than the premium ChatGPT Plus service? Fundamentally, the main focus of the new solution is to serve businesses with privacy and security concerns. However, there’s more to the service than just upgraded security.
Some of the core features already announced by OpenAI include:
ChatGPT Enterprise will feature an updated administrative console, designed to give companies the tools they need to manage employee usage of the app. OpenAI says the console will help to facilitate “large-scale deployments” with bulk member management, and SSO (Single Sign On) solutions.
Plus, it will include domain verification features (for extra security), as well as an analytics dashboard. This dashboard will give companies a behind-the-scenes view of how their teams are using ChatGPT on a broad scale. There will also be shareable conversational templates within the dashboard that teams can share to create collaborative workflows.
Additionally, enterprises will receive free credits to use the OpenAI APIs, allowing developers to extend the functionality of the tool into a custom solution for their organization.
As mentioned above, the biggest selling point of ChatGPT Enterprise for most companies will be the improved security and privacy features. As adoption of generative AI tools has grown, many companies have shared concerns about potential security and privacy threats.
OpenAI says that companies will be able to maintain control and ownership over all of their business data in ChatGPT Enterprise. The company will not train models using the data generated by companies, and ChatGPT is also SOC 2 compliant. This means conversations will automatically be encrypted both in-transit and at rest.
What’s more, the new admin console will allow companies to manage team members easily, allowing for more granular control over access.
Notably, ChatGPT Enterprise will offer companies a virtually unlimited experience of the generative AI tool. There are no usage caps on the plan, and priority access means the model consistently performs faster than any other version of ChatGPT.
32k token context means companies can use inputs that are up to four times longer. Plus, ChatGPT Enterprise includes unlimited access to data analysis, the solution previously known as “Code Interpreter”. According to OpenAI, this will allow technical and non-technical teams to rapidly analyze information in seconds.
OpenAI have also announced they’re already in the process of working on new features for the Enterprise version of the app, which should be introduced soon.
The release of an Enterprise version of ChatGPT is great news for many companies, for a few reasons. First, while countless organizations have deployed ChatGPT and similar AI tools in recent months, OpenAI’s ChatGPT Plus plan isn’t particularly scalable.
Before now, OpenAI only offered access to individual plans, priced at $20 per person, per month. There was no way for companies to buy access in bulk, or manage a team of users. The new version, with its admin console and “large-scale deployment” features will solve this problem.
At the same time, ChatGPT Enterprise addresses many of the common concerns around security and privacy with large language models. Before his new version was introduced, many prominent companies, such as JPMorgan Chase, had placed restrictions on workplace use of ChatGPT.
With no native security controls, companies had no way of ensuring data remained safe on the platform. Businesses often expressed concerns about employees potentially sharing sensitive information with the app, which could be used for training purposes.
ChatGPT Enterprise addresses this concern, as OpenAI has promised not to use any prompts or conversations for training models. Plus, the company is committing to encrypting all data input into the application, which helps to reduce the risk of potential data breaches.
ChatGPT Enterprise is officially available to businesses now, and OpenAI says they’re planning on onboarding “as many enterprises as they can in the next few weeks”.
Companies using ChatGPT can choose whether they want to stick with the current plans (such as multiple subscriptions to ChatGPT Plus) or upgrade to the Enterprise version. OpenAI also noted that this solution is separate from the OpenAI services offered by Microsoft on the Azure platform.
ChatGPT Enterprise users will not need an Azure subscription to access the service. Unfortunately, there’s no transparent pricing information available on the OpenAI website, so its difficult to know exactly what the service will cost. The chances are OpenAI will be providing companies with custom quotes, based on their usage needs.
If you want to access the Enterprise service today, you’ll need to reach out to the OpenAI sales team to start setting up your plan.
ChatGPT Enterprise comes at a time when the AI arms race is heating up among technology leaders worldwide. Tech giants like Microsoft and Google are competing to launch not just new chatbot apps, but also new functionality and services for businesses. Microsoft recently started introducing Copilot for various tools in its product portfolio, and Google is frequently introducing updates to Bard.
ChatGPT Enterprise demonstrates OpenAI’s own commitment to constant innovation. The OpenAI team has said they’re working on new features to make the enterprise version of the app even more appealing to business owners.
For instance, in the months to come, companies will be able to customize their ChatGPT experience, by inputting company data and connecting the apps they already use via APIs. OpenAI will also be releasing new “power tools”, such as enhanced versions of Advanced Data Analysis and browsing solutions optimized for work.
Plus, there will soon be more tools available for specific roles in businesses, such as marketers, data analysts, and customer support teams. OpenAI even announced that they’re working on a self-serve “ChatGPT Business” plan, intended for smaller teams.
If you’re ready to upgrade to ChatGPT Enterprise, you can contact the sales team here.
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