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Xiao-I Corp’s Berry Xia shares insights on the company’s growth and ambitions in an interview with Proactive’s Stephen Gunnion. Xiao-I, a pioneer in the AI chatbot industry, started in 2001 and launched its first chatbot for the MSN Microsoft application in 2004.
By 2008, its active user base surpassed 100 million. The company refocused its strategy in 2011 towards a B2B market, developing tailored AI solutions for clients. Despite AI’s advancement, Berry noted a lack of application in developed regions, prompting their globalization strategy in 2018, which began in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Macau.
Xiao-I listed on NASDAQ this year, and introduced its large language model, Hua Zang. The company saw a 106% surge in first-half net revenues, attributed to its shift from one-time software deliveries to a more sustainable cloud subscription model.
Berry emphasized Xiao-i Corp’s vision of becoming the “operating system of the AI era,” highlighting the transition from rule-based AI to more advanced, human-like interfaces powered by large language models. Xiao-I is holding a live stream press conference about its latest progress of LLM on October 26, 2023.
Interested parties can register here to participate: https://www.xiaoi.com/en/symbiosisPage/symbiosis
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