Young Haryana innovator creates Indian multilingual Chatbot, challenging global AI Chat GPT – ETV Bharat

Jhajjar(Haryana): A young innovator from Haryana’s Jhajjar district has crafted an indigenous iteration of Chat GPT, naming it “Raghurai.” Kartik, the 14-year-old creator achieved this feat by programming Raghurai, which provides responses to inquiries in 67 languages.
Kartik takes on Sam Altman’s challenge- Chatbot ‘Raghurai’ has been in talks for its advanced capabilities, claiming the capacity to furnish the latest and most accurate information across a wide array of topics. Kartik, a ninth-grade student at Model Culture School in Ladayan village, created the Chatbot after being challenged by Sam Altman, the founder of Chat GPT, during his visit to India.
Sam Altman had sceptically challenged the Indian community to develop an AI tool similar to Chat GPT. The challenge was accepted by Kartik and the young boy, with his determination and prowess, created the Chatbot Raghurai within a month.
Notably, Kartik is currently working to patent Raghurai. According to him, the Indian AI Chatbot can be searched on famous engines like Google and Yahoo. The app is committed to providing the latest and most accurate information. Residing in a region steeped in agricultural traditions, Karthik dreams of a future where his technological inventions will revolutionise the field.
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Kartik’s abilities- At a very tender age, Kartik has claimed himself as a proficient mobile app developer. With dreams of creating a state-of-the-art AI-based robot for the country, Kartik has embarked on his journey to fulfil his dreams.
What is Chat GPT? The term “Chat GPT” stands for Chat Generative Pretrained Transformer, an innovation fostered by Open AI. A paragon of Chatbots, Chat GPT solves user queries and provides responses through Artificial Intelligence. In this regard, Kartik has introduced Raghurai, an indigenous AI Chatbot. As Raghurai garners attention and traction, it stands poised to transform the landscape of AI-powered interactions, showcasing the brilliant potential of Indian innovation on a global stage.
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