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PARIS, June 12 — Young people are increasingly familiar with artificial intelligence. From ChatGPT to DALL-E and Gemini, users can rely on a wide range of tools to help them with their tasks. And it would seem that Millennials are most interested in using AI to help them with their finances, while Generation Z is more likely to turn to AI for schoolwork.
Even social networks have launched their own AI-based tools. With the mainstream success of ChatGPT, artificial intelligence has made its breakthrough online, gaining favour with young people. But while younger generations may be more accustomed to these tools, they don’t necessarily envisage using them for the same reasons.
The latest report from YPulse, surveying 1,500 young people age 13 to 39, asked them what they would like to ask an AI-powered chatbot, or how they’d like it to help them. Responses varied by age, but reflected the concerns and needs of young people in their personal and professional lives.
From schoolwork to careers advice
According to the study, the main reason why young Gen Zers (13-17 year-olds) would like to use an AI-powered chatbot is to help them with their studies. This is also the reason most cited by young adults (18-24), who come in second place for this category.
Young Gen Zers say they would like to use AI to help them solve math problems, write essays or find information for homework. Some also mentioned that AI could help them learn new skills or improve their understanding of certain subjects.
This could be a worrying state of affairs, according to a recent study by Pew Research Centre, which showed that 25 per cent of American teachers felt that AI tools were doing more harm than good in primary and secondary education.
Young adults and Millennials (aged 25-39) want to use AI to help them in their professional lives. Their concerns are different from those of Gen Z. According to the survey, the main reason they would like to use an AI-powered chatbot is to get financial advice, such as investment advice or tips on saving money. This is followed by advice on schoolwork and finding a job.
As well as looking for help with their professional lives, some young people would turn to ChatGPT and other AI tools for help with their love lives. That said, 18-24 year-olds are the only ones to cite “relationship advice,” in eighth place in their list of priorities. The 13-17 and 25-39 age groups prefer to ask for advice on mental health, in 7th and 10th place, respectively. This topic is not cited by 18-24 year-olds. In 2023, talking about mental health was one of the top trends on TikTok.
Some 68 per cent of young people aged 13 to 39 have already either used an AI chatbot like ChatGPT or an AI-powered image generator like DALL-E, YPulse reports. Of these, 61 per cent have used a chatbot such as ChatGPT, Jasper or YouChat. This trend is particularly strong among young adults aged 18-24, 75 per cent of whom have already used an AI chatbot, and levels remain high among teenagers (52 per cent of 13-17 year-olds) and Millennials (57 per cent of 25-39 year-olds).
The study also revealed that AI use by young people has increased rapidly over the past year. Indeed, only 45 per cent of 13-39 year-olds said they had used an AI chatbot a year ago. — ETX Studio